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Welcome to 2nd Chance Guitars

2nd Chance Guitars is a full service Guitar Repair and Custom Shop.

I specialise in taking those lost guitars meant for the guitar graveyard and bringing them back to stage ready life. I can also bring your dreams to life from a simple Drawing. Walt Disney once said "If You Can Dream It, You CAN DO It!" I believe in that philosophy with all my heart!

Please take a look around my shop

About 2nd Chance Guitars

I have been building and repairing guitars and basses since 1986. In 2008 I opened my shop to the public and began accepting clients via word of mouth.

Since then, I have worked on some pretty amazing instruments including Telecasters and Stratocaster from the 1950's, Kays and Gibsons from the 1930's.

I have also had some great opportunities to build some amazing customs, including the custom hand carved Jack Sparrow and Maleficent guitars.

Currently I have been building Custom guitars with my Freestyle Partners.

Welcome to my shop

What I Love To Do


Hardware upgrades, refrets, neck and body repairs or replacments. If you are experienceing issues with your electronics want to replace your pickups or you just need a tune-up / setup. I am here to help.


Crack repairs, bridge and brace re-glues, bridge plate replacements, refinishing, whatever it takes to get your guitar back to vintage playing condition. I can even age new hardware to match your vintage hardware.


If you can dream it, I can build it. Do you want that classic Strat, Tele, SG or Les Paul style? or maybe a completely custom Body and neck to your specifications. It would be my pleasure to help make your dreams come true.

All repair prices are based on the Guitar Repair Blue Book.

Minimum Bench Charge of $35 for inspections. This charge will be waived if work is performed.

Any work that is considered hourly will bill at $60 per hour, only for hours actually worked. Sit/Dry time does not count, and will not be billed.

All Repairs are quoted upfront and Change Only if issues arise. All issues are addressed with client before work is performed and charges are adjusted.

Custom Handcrafted Guitars

Tell me what you want. Do you have a favorite body style? Favorite neck specs? Favorite color? What kind of pickups do you like? What about Tuners? Are you looking for full custom one of a kind? Or do you want a copy to your specs?

Whatever it is you are looking for, lets see if We can make your dream come true and build you a one of a kind masterpiece that plays and sounds as good as it looks! Yes I said "WE", because You are the one making all the decisions that make your dream guitar special. You are the Designer, I provide the muscle.

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I am located in the Los Angeles area around the corner from Universal Studios.

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